Our Story

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Missionaries With The Vision (MWTV) is the home for the Modern-Day Missionary that desires to serve in their local church, community, and abroad while partnering with other men and women from diverse cultural backgrounds to fulfill the call of God on their lives. Living out our motto: “Your Mission Field is Wherever You Are!”

Overseer Carolyn Stovall-Gilbert, Overseer & Visionary Leader, founded MWTV in 1993

as a nonprofit 501(c)3 interdenominational ministry that endeavors to empower people to identify and reach their God-given potential through evangelism, prayer, leadership development, classroom instruction, community service projects, outreach, mentoring,

self-discovery and exposure to different cultures and the exciting world of missions.

For thirty years, MWTV has served the local, national, and international communities while partnering with different denominations and cultures across the globe. This has been accomplished by uniting with others, like yourself, to make an impact in the world for the Kingdom of God WHEREVER we are.

We know that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him and His people. We do our part by serving across denominational, social-economical, cultural, ethnic, and gender lines. Our God-purpose is to train, disciple, mobilize, and collaborate with those who have a heart for prayer, missions, leadership, and discipleship.

We have been proven to be a valuable resource to churches, ministries, and men and women who desire to be strengthened in prayer and mission work (local, national, and international).

Overseer Gilbert desires to change the “face” of missions by exposing all people of different ages, ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds to the world through prayer and missions. She firmly believes that “Your Mission Field is Wherever YOU Are!”